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Hmmm. I wonder how this so called interaction problem with dualism is similar to abstract objects interacting with the physical.

It would be interesting to know how many mathematical realists, who are mind/brain physicalists, that reject dualism because of the interaction problem there are.

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In my opinion, a soul interacts with matter in the following way. (I have already posted this on YouTube in one of my comments.) The non-material (a soul) contains the absence of the material, the absence of physical particles, which is vacuum. Vacuum can interact with real particles via virtual particles. Thus, the soul, containing vacuum, interacts with matter via virtual particles.

To observe the violation of the law of the conservation of physical energy, we can use telekinesis, shielding the electromagnetic waves that the person with this ability radiates. But I don't know whether such experiments were conducted. This would be the evidence of the existence of a soul.

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