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The Christian call to arms is to be like Christ. Those who have been the most like Him, are those who this world is ‘not worthy of.’

Let us look to Christ, or let us be blind. Either we seek Him wholeheartedly, or we are merely deceive ourselves. Christ is the goal, the blessing, and the hope of heaven. By being like Him, we in some ways bring a small part of heaven to earth.

To quote Lewis, “Those who were the most heavenly minded, did the most earthly good.”

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As a former atheist, I've found that being a Christian is fairly simple. "Seek first the kingdom of God." Yes, God gives us great depths to plumb to know Him more about Him, but living Christian is following Jesus Christ as close as humanly possible, believing what He believes, obeying the Spirit of God within us, and seeking those things that please Him. That doesn't always mean it will always please us because following Christ closely can lead to struggles and even suffering in this life - Jesus made that clear to His disciples. Who wants to struggle and suffer? That's why we have God's Spirit within us, to guide us into all truth. If Christians read the Bible with a mindset that they will read the text in context and rightly divide the Word of truth, being a Christ-follower is fairly simple. Follow Him. Obey Him. Bring glory to God and finish the work He has given us to do.

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